T-shirt business

T-shirt business, for owning a business that will forever be in demand

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially in India. An entrepreneur doesn’t get success overnight. One has to literally burn midnight’s oil to let the business run and shine for about one or two years before you can actually call your start-up a successful one. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to start a business in India anymore. So, let us talk about starting a t-shirt business.

It’s a mundane idea, but good enough for a business to turn successful. T-shirt is a casual wear known globally and is very popular among all the ages. People always look for new designs, colors, and brands for t-shirts. And, to know that you are owning a business that will forever be in demand is enough. So, how to start a t-shirt business? Let us talk about it in detail.

GST Registration

As it has already been said, running a business requires both time and manual effort. All thanks to Government of India for the ease of doing business. Get your documents (including PAN card, address proof, and digital signature) and upload it online in the portal. Then, you’ll get the GST registration number.

Creation of the master plan for your t-shirt business

Before you start dreaming about your successful business, you need to have a plan. When you think about t-shirt business, you should be giving a thought to various parameters like quality, style, and design. For this particular step, you need to go through a sub-sequence of a few steps. You can either go for a general store or a niche based store like scribbifyretail.

Your targeting group: Are you targeting children, teens, or adults? What are the needs of the customers? It’s important for you to classify the market accordingly. Doing some market research at this stage is essential.

All about finance: Obviously, it is important to know how much you can invest in the business, before you establish it. The way you strategize your finance is an important factor for running your business. These factors may include expenses, investment, revenue; ratios like turnover, monthly profit or loss numbers, and the gross margin.

Don’t avoid the above two steps. Right approach is extremely crucial in the setting up of a business. Every step is important and needs to be done in a sequence. There are times when the essence of a business plan is ignored, and that’s exactly when the business fails.

Requirements for your business plan

Machines – the printing techniques: Different types of machines are used in t-shirt printing which includes screen printing, digital printing and heat press; each of them having their own set of advantages and advantages. Both screen printing and heat press are old techniques and demand higher investment. Thus, digital printing is the most recommended one in recent times. It has the capability to give you colored images with accuracy. Among the three machines, it produces the best quality of images, and in addition, it does not need high capital investment. But, the only thing is digital printing is advantageous for small orders only.

Man power or a computerized graphical tool?

Even more than the machines, it is extremely essential to have the best designer in this business. It’s important that you hire this person really carefully. Because, in the T-shirt business, you really need to have a person who can fetch you great designs. For this purpose, you may hire a freelancer on platforms like Upwork or Dribble.

If not hiring someone, you may invest in an advanced design tool online when you are into selling customized t-shirts. You can definitely outshine other stores, by letting the customers add their personal touches to their own customized t-shirts. If you choose a design tool, then you need to make the tool feature-rich. So, you need to make sure that you add enough features and also make it user-friendly. This can surely make you outshine any of your competitors.

Select the right supplier and supplies for your business

Once you are done with all the above steps, it is important to select a supplier for your business. You’ll need to buy blank T-shirts before you get started with designing.

There are a few garment distributors like custombaba who are ready to help new business owners to select some styles and quality of cloths as well as set the price range for them. After a few orders, you can normalize your relationship with the garment distributor and set the number of orders and price accordingly.

Make sure you select the appropriate cloth for your T-shirts. It matters a lot! The stuff of the cloth is what the customers look at, before choosing the design. And, then the sizes of T-shirts is important as well (small, medium, large and extra large). The design should fit in the center, and not left or right. Of course, the ink is essential as well. Different kinds of inks are available according to your criteria. You have the option to choose whichever fits your requirements.

Setup infrastructure – printing and logistics

Once everything has been decided, start with your printing process. The most important aspect about printing process is color schemes because they cannot be changed afterwards. Save one for yourself and then print the t-shirt. Also, make sure you are tied up with a logistics company, so that your goods can be delivered to the customers in time. You would not want the deliverable to be late.

Launching and marketing the store

The final step of the business process is selling some of your awesome T-shirts. Make sure you are marketing about your business as well. It is beneficial for your business as more and more people can be reached through social media. And in the end, that’s all there is about starting a t-shirt business in India. Success isn’t guaranteed overnight, but eventually you will.

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