Signage products business

Signage products business, a potential goldmine for entrepreneurs

Signage, collectively known as signs, can be visual graphics or digital or electronic displays, used for giving warning, showing direction, generating awareness or providing information for people. Signs are one of the most tangible parts of any enterprise or administration either for customer service or public safety and awareness. So signs can be seen almost everywhere, i.e. streets, highways, buildings, institutions, businesses, industries and transports. This proliferation in the use of signs and symbols has catalyzed the growth of Signage products business into a rewarding segment.

Types of signage products

Signage products can be classified as Outdoor and Indoor. Outdoor signage products include yard and sidewalk signs, building entrance signs, window signs and graphics, directional and way-finding signs, architectural signs, digital displays, different types of sign boards, light boxes, promotion medians, modular signage, totem signs, display boards, floor stands, message boards, 3D letters, channel letters, cutout letters, illuminated letters, A-frame, asphalt signs, building signs, flags, light boxes, banners, parking signs, stickers, street barriers, traffic signs, Vinyl banners, window frosting, vehicle decorations and graphics, signage accessories, etc.

Indoor signage products include in-shop signage, acrylic sign boards, ADA Braille signs, indoor banners, reception signs, sliding signs, door signs, bathroom signs, designer signs, window decals, way-finding signs, directory boards, dry erase boards, video walls, point of purchase signs, LED and steel sign boards, stand boards, door and window lettering, trade show displays, promotional products, message boards, wall graphics, floor graphics, bathroom signs, elevators and exit signs, etc.

Potential of signage products business

Wherever you go and whatever you do, there may be some signs to guide you. Signage products can be spotted almost anywhere and everywhere, opening up a huge market all over the world. Signage products business is not a segment that would be easily affected by any economic or environmental conditions. These products are a must have for any business or establishment to function. They are widely being used for awareness and safety causes, which no one can deny or sideline under any circumstances. All these factors indicate signage products business is a potential goldmine.

Signage products customers

For a signage products business, potential customers include all shops and establishments, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, public works departments, construction companies, railways and road transport corporations, industries, hotels, shopping malls, builders and developers, religious institutions, recreation centers, political parties, advertisement companies, event management companies, automobile dealers, defense and security agencies, police and paramilitary forces, charitable institutions, etc.

Design and Printing of Signage

Designing and printing signage is another source of income for a signage products business. If you have good graphic design skills and high quality printing devices, you can provide this service in addition to finished product sales. Sound technical knowledge about large format printing, various print mediums, high-end printer functions and other printing elements are desirable. If you are inexperienced, you can employ someone with a graphic design and printing background for assistance.

Signage products business outlet

An attractive office space with enough room for product display should be selected to open your outlet. The outlet needs good visibility and accessibility. It should be located in a commercial area.

Signage products business marketing

Marketing options include online and offline promotions. Tie-ups with the above mentioned potential customers should be made for business volumes. Online promotions will help you reach a wider audience, who otherwise, would have been elusive. Not everyone will buy signage products, so targeted marketing is required to attract customers. Entice potential buyers with quality and competitive rates.

Investment required and earning potential

Signage products business can be started with an initial investment of 10 lakhs. If you want to do designing and printing of signage, you should invest heavily on high quality printers and computers. Since you may face tough competition, an aggressive marketing strategy should be devised to break even within the next 1-2 years. Regarding earning potential, signage business is a potential goldmine.

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