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12 Marketing advantages of having a professional website for your business

A professional website is a digital asset for any business that will help in promotion, marketing, sales and customer service. A website is also an online business address where people find, communicate and associate with. Earlier it was an extravagance for a business to have a professional website, but with the popularity and influence of social media and digital marketing, a website has become a necessity for any organization to grow. Let’s discuss more in detail below.

1. Build a good first impression about your business

In this digital era, if a person wants to know about a business, he will just Google it. If he finds a professional website that best explains the business then it will create a good first impression. To create a good first impression, the website should be professionally designed, easily navigable and with enough content and images explaining the business. A professional business website should contain the following information: business profile, products/services information, management team credentials, contact details, privacy policy and business terms and conditions.

2. Increase visibility of your business

With a professional website, your business will be visible and accessible around the globe. That being said, your products or services can reach worldwide, giving tremendous growth opportunity for your business. A local business without a website attracts customers from their immediate surroundings only. But if they host a website, they can break through geographical barriers and reach a large number of digital customers who might be interested in their products or services. In short, a business website is a low cost marketing tool that increases visibility to reach targeted customers around the globe.

3. Increases credibility of your business

A professional business website contains all vital information proving the existence of a business. This includes the company profile, products/services, managerial staff credentials and contact information like physical address, phone numbers, e-mail ID and location map. Business websites also contain a live chat feature, where a customer care executive will be attending to customer queries and concerns. Customers can ask their questions and clear their concerns regarding anything pertaining to the business through the live chat tool. Business websites also contains a Testimonials page that publishes numerous reviews and testimonials from existing customers and general public. All these features legitimize the business and increase its credibility.

4. Provide 24×7 Sales and Support

A business website is accessible 24×7. It never closes shop, day or night or even on holidays. So a business website can incorporate an e-commerce feature and list all products and services in the website. You can add product images, product description, user guides, FAQs, customer reviews, testimonials, etc. in your website. Thus customers can access product related information anytime without any further assistance and place orders 24×7.

5. Provide customer education and support online

By offering answers to frequently asked questions in FAQ section, you can reduce customer service expenses and save your precious time and money. Comprehensive product reviews, descriptions and user guides can also be posted for customer education. Webinars can be conducted for product training and question/answer sessions. Online support can be provided through live chat feature, where you can give instant replay to customer queries, which builds up positive customer relation in the long run.

6. Do digital marketing for your business

A professional website is an integral part of digital marketing for your business. Digital marketing involves attracting customers through search engines, social media channels and other online platforms that attracts millions of visitors. All the traffic generated through digital marketing efforts will be targeted to your website to generate sales. If your business does not have a website, you will be missing out on a lot of online customers. Digital marketing is less expensive when compared to traditional marketing and helps recognize your brand locally and internationally.

7. Website acts as an online brochure or catalogue

If you want to sell your products or services online, a website will act as an online brochure or catalogue. You can list all your products/services and add their images and descriptions in the website. You can publish detailed information regarding your products or services in the website, which otherwise, would be difficult to explain to a customer. Customers can go through this product information at their convenience and pace and keep themselves educated and updated regarding the products or services. This will reduce your customer care expenses and increase business conversion rates.

8. Connect all your social media profiles

A business website will act as a medium to connect and promote all your social media profiles. Customers visiting your website will view all your social media channels and there is high likelihood that they will visit and share these profiles with their loved ones. A website is also an effective channel to build a community or forum where your customer care executives, existing customers and potential new customers can interact with.

9. Quick updation of business happenings

If you have a business website with a blog page, you can update your visitors and customers with the latest business happenings and events. Fresh content also attracts more traffic and sales through search engines. Quick content updation will also keep your customers engaged and encourage them to share content in their social media pages. This will increase your brand awareness and conversion rates.

10. Build better relationship with customers

A business website contains sections for comments, feedback and testimonials where customers can engage in dialogue with the business. Instant messaging is also possible with the help of live chat and email. All these technologies increase relationship and confidence among buyers and sellers.

11. Process recruitment online

A professional business website contains a Career page where you can publish job openings. Interested candidates can fill up basic personal information and upload their resume through the Career page. At the other end, the website administrator can review the details and invite suitable candidates for face-to-face interview. You can also post job requirements in your social media pages and link that back to your website Career page. All these features will streamline your recruitment process and reduce human resource expenses.

12. Perfect location finder

A professional business website is a perfect location finder for your business. In the Contact Page of your website, you can add physical address, phone numbers and location map of your office. Customers can easily find your office location reading the map without physically calling you. This will help save lot of time and effort answering phone calls.

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