Permaculture Design

Great potential for Permaculture Design Consultants in India

Permaculture Design or permanent agriculture design is the process of designing sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates.

There is immense opportunity for techniques like Permaculture, which create sustainable agricultural systems, in India due to huge population, industrialization, decreasing farm land, climatic changes, and lack of responsible and thoughtful approach in food production.

When compared to a conventional farm, a Permaculture garden produces 35 to 40% more yield with improved food quality and nutrition. So in the current urbanization scenario in India, Permaculture will help a lot of home gardens as well as medium-scale farms in India.

Permaculture also helps in creating sustainable, resilient and abundant systems in large scale rural sectors, which will boost rural Indian agricultural economy.

Permaculture utilizes multi-disciplinary techniques in agricultural system design including land planning, water resources management, energy systems management, farming and seed production, mixed animal systems management, organic fertilizer production, waste management, economics and community development, which our traditional system lacks.

Permaculture techniques can be applied in gardens of any size and type, i.e. mini-gardens, rooftop gardens, small residential projects, or large scale farming projects, which makes it ideal for small scale as well as large scale Indian farmers.

Permaculture Design Certificate Courses are conducted by various organizations throughout India providing solid knowledge in Permaculture design techniques and consulting.

From these courses, you can understand the basic terminologies, advanced principles and practical implementation of various Permaculture techniques for a wide variety of landscapes and climates.

This will empower you to apply Permaculture in everyday lives as well as undertake large-scale Permaculture consultation, design and implementation projects.

In the current Indian scenario, inventing and implementing sustainable agricultural systems hold a huge opportunity, which Permaculture consultants can take advantage of.

Please see video on Importance of Permaculture for Indian Agriculture by Permaculture consultant, Clea Chandmal.

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