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10 ways to make money online from content writing

People around the globe are increasingly becoming internet-savvy for information about anything and everything at their fingertips. If someone wants to fix a laptop issue or buy a pizza, he will access the internet to get relevant information, which content writers all over the world strive to create. Business community also leverages the medium of internet to generate more revenue through informative content published in their websites and social media pages. So the medium of internet has opened up huge opportunity for content writers to earn sizeable income through the below listed opportunities.

1. Write as a freelancer

The beauty of content writing jobs is that you can work as a freelancer, i.e. you have the flexibility to choose your work timings and location. Freelance writing is a great way to earn extra cash or even make a living out of it. It is a perfect vocation for stay-at-home moms and professionals who have some free time to spare. No prior experience or certification is mandatory for becoming a freelance writer, anyone with excellent writing skills can take up this job. You can dig lot of freelance content writing jobs from the internet to start your career.

2. Write for your own blog

Content writers can start their own blog and start writing about a particular niche. Newbie writers can improve their writing skills and market their writing business through the blog. Blogging will increase your credibility as a professional writer and you will end up getting lots of content writing enquiries through the blog itself. Apart from writing income, you can use pay-per-click ads and affiliate marketing to monetize your blog. As your popularity grows in a particular niche, there is high likelihood that you get sponsored ads for your blog, which are high paying.

3. Write for web developers

Web development companies and freelance web designers require lot of quality content for the websites that they design and develop. Content writers can contact these web developers for work with a portfolio. Companies will review your portfolio and provide work on a full-time or part-time basis. Web developers would require high quality, SEO friendly content that fulfills their client requirements. Unlike work from freelance websites, web development companies provide high paying, long-term writing jobs.

4. Write for online magazines/websites

There are several high quality online magazines and websites that publish regular content. They provide regular, long-term content development tasks for high quality, creative writers on trending topics. Seasoned writers with extensive reading habits can apply for these posts. These are high paying positions with good scope for career growth.

5. Write for guest bloggers

For increasing traffic and reputation, many bloggers and internet marketers require articles for guest posting. Guest blogging is the process of creating quality content on a particular topic and publishing it in similar niche blogs for digital marketing purposes. The guest blogger would get more exposure for his website, which will help in promotion and branding. Content writers can contact webmasters and pitch their ability to write quality guest posts. Established webmasters offer fairly high rates per quality article.

6. Write for social media promotions

Social media has emerged as a great medium for promoting local as well as international businesses. Hence almost all businesses have created their own social media pages and update images and content regularly. This has opened up an excellent career opportunity for content writers. Small, medium and big businesses are hiring full-time or freelance content writers to manage their social media activities. So content writers can contact business houses for social media management tasks and earn decent ongoing income.

7. Write for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of earning money online. Webmasters need affiliate content that are extremely relevant and capable of generating revenue for their website. Writers can contact webmasters who generate good affiliate income for content writing work on a long term or short term basis. Content writers themselves can host affiliate marketing websites to earn passive income.

8. Write for digital marketing agencies

Digital marketing agencies need tons of articles to promote websites and build brand awareness. They employ talented content writers on a full time or part-time basis to generate marketable content. They demand SEO friendly, informative articles on various topics according to client requirements. Talented writers with extensive reading habits can take up this job, which is high paying.

9. Write ebooks and online courses

Extremely talented and focused content writers can write ebooks or create online courses to generate revenue. Ebooks may be fictional or information products, which people are ready to pay a few dollars to purchase. If a writer is well versed in a particular subject, he can create online courses and sell them for revenue. Writers can also provide paid editing services for authors of ebooks and online courses. Writers can also convert paperback books to ebooks and earn revenue, which requires them to obtain publishing rights from authors or publishers.

10. Write for digital advertising agencies

Online advertising agencies require different types of content for marketing and generating public awareness, say captions, landing pages, social media posts, email campaigns, search engine ads, press releases, sales letters, e-brochures, etc. These agencies hire freelance and full time writers for their projects, offering excellent perks and long-term work. Ad agencies may request the writer’s portfolio with relevant samples before giving any assignment. They may also conduct screening tests and interviews to test the writer’s copywriting skills and professionalism before selection.

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