floral decoration business

Turn your hobby into extra income with floral decoration business

Floral decoration business is highly potent, as we nowadays see floral designs almost everywhere, i.e. wedding halls, hotel receptions, IT parks, conference halls, family events, showrooms, institutions, spiritual centers, hospitals, funerals, etc. on all occasions.

So if you enjoy floral decoration and want to turn your hobby into extra income, think about floral decoration business.

You can start your business part-time while learning floral designs and color combinations and gradually build your business portfolio. You can even work with a local florist to get hand-on experience and slowly build your business.

Before starting your business, gain thorough knowledge about various flowers, leaves, household plants, accessories and floral designs. Learn how to use various tools to make finished products. Read and collect floral magazines that provide insights about latest trends and marketing ideas.

Since flowers and leaves are perishable items, refrigeration would be needed to keep them fresh and lively. Lean from experienced florists how to preserve various flowers and leaves without damage.

Advantages of floral decoration business:

  • Can start as part-time and gradually scale up to a full time career.
  • Can start from your home and later develop to a flower shop.
  • Can start with an initial investment of Rs. 100,000.

Floral decoration business process:

  • Gain hands-on experience and knowledge from talented florists
  • Do thorough market research
  • Identify popular and fast moving floral designs
  • Identify potential customers
  • Identify raw material sources
  • Identify competitors
  • Collect enough tools, equipments and accessories for production
  • Compare pricing of various designs with competitors
  • Calculate total cost and fix profit margin
  • Identify potential online and offline marketing channels
  • Setup a website and learn digital marketing
  • Make a flower sales book/e-book to show customers
  • Research on delivery and payment collection methods
  • Setup your office (can be your home or rented office space)
  • Apply for necessary licenses
  • Begin production and sales

Potential customers include walk-in customers, phone/online customers, government/private institutions, IT parks, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, wedding halls and vehicles, funerals, conference halls, family functions and parties, spiritual centers, shopping malls, tourist destinations, event management companies, convention centers, boutiques and spas, showrooms, etc.

Online sales of floral decorations are also picking up in India, so you can use social media ads and Google ads to promote your business in addition to local newspaper ads. You should also build a website or mobile app and learn digital marketing basics for effective online presence and sales.

If you can establish a good relationship with local wedding-oriented vendors, flower shops, flower growers, event managers, you can scale up very fast.

Before starting the business, you should ensure regular supply of flowers, leaves and other accessories from local farms or markets to keep the business rolling.

A business license from local body/municipality/corporation would be helpful to get loans, do GST registration, tax filing, etc.

Investment and earning potential:

If you are starting from your home, you can begin with a modest investment of Rs. 100,000. Income potential of floral decoration business would not be less than 5 lakhs per year if you have a decent customer base.

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