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Digital printing business for passionate printers and entrepreneurs

A digital printing business designs and prints digitally crafted images and content on to a desired medium using high quality laser or inkjet printers. Digital files created in computers are directly send to digital printing machines to be printed on variety of mediums like paper, fabric, glass, metal, canvas, synthetics, cardstock, etc. Digital printing is expensive, but it’s commonly used for smaller job orders that require high levels of personalization and quality.

Internet and web technologies have enabled printing businesses extend their services beyond boundaries. A professionally designed website with an online designing application enables customers design and customize their printing requirements and submit for printing. The digital printing business prints this job on a desired medium and sends the finished product to the customer’s address via courier. If you are passionate about printing technologies and entrepreneurship, digital printing is a business worth investing.

Common Digital Printing Services

  • Mug printing
  • Smartphone cover printing
  • T-shirt printing
  • Wedding/greeting card printing
  • Label and sticker printing
  • Shopping bag printing
  • Visiting card printing
  • Wallpaper printing
  • Flyer, brochure printing

Website and Online Designing Application

It’s mandatory that a digital printing business build a professional website listing their services. In addition to basic business information, the website should contain a designing application. This application will enable customers design and customize their ideas to be printed on various mediums. Customers can design, preview and cost estimate each design and submit that for printing online.

The digital printing business will review the design and contents and print the same to the selected medium. The finished product will be delivered to the customers address via post or courier. Customers can pay online to avail this service. With the help of an online portal, printing businesses can break the barriers of language and boundary and attract customers from all over the world.

Designing and Printing Tasks

Designing is the heart and printing is the brain of this business. So you should find a talented designer and experienced printer for your printing business. If you are experienced enough to handle these tasks, you can save a lot on operating costs as a startup. As your business volume increases, you can employ talented resources for assistance.

Digital Printing Business Requirements

This business can be started from your home or an office space. The main requirements to get this business rolling are a good desktop computer, a professional designing software, a professional website, high quality digital printers (inkjet or laser) capable of 12 inch x 18 inch printing, printing accessories, mugs, smartphone covers, T-shirts, different types of printing papers, office accessories, packing materials and marketing materials.

Marketing Strategy for Digital Printing Business

A digital printing business attracts customers both online and offline. That is, you can convert your website visitors to customers and also attract walk-in customers. Lot of people search online for mug printing, T-shirt printing, smartphone cover printing, visiting card printing, etc. If you can drive these potential customers to your website, you can encash them. To get enough traffic and popularity for your website, you can utilize digital marketing techniques like SEO, e-mail marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. You can also participate in printing forums and groups online to promote your business as well as help people having printing needs and queries.

To attract walk-in customers, traditional marketing strategies like newspaper ads, local TV channel ads, posters, flyers and direct marketing can be used. Word of mouth brings more customers to a printing business, so provide quality service and competitive rates. Target your marketing efforts to people or businesses having frequent printing needs.

Potential Digital Printing Customers

Printed materials are widely used for marketing, promotion and customer service by businesses irrespective of their might and type. So a digital printing business can contact literally anyone for work. Anyway, I will list out a few: Educational institutions, government offices, healthcare centers, hotels and restaurants, entertainment centers, shopping malls, IT firms, youth clubs, youngsters, etc.

Investment and Returns of a Digital Printing Business

Investment required to start this business is rupees 5-7 lakhs approximately. Since digital printing is a service-based business, revenue generated per month is proportional to the volume of work processed. If you can keep your operating costs on bay and attract sufficient work volumes, printing business is not a bad place to be.

Write Down a Business Plan

After reading the above sections, I think you gained enough information about a digital printing business, but you should also refer other blogs and business magazines for more detailed information and insights about this business. After gaining thorough knowledge, you should make a business plan that you can always refer to while setting up this venture. In brief, your business plan should answer the following questions:

  • What would be the location of your business?
  • Which are the printing services that you are going to provide?
  • What all printing equipments should you purchase?
  • Who will handle your designing and printing tasks?
  • How will you attract potential customers to your printing business?
  • Who will design your online printing application and website?
  • Who will supply the essential printing accessories for your business?
  • How will you obtain the estimated capital for your business?
  • How much revenue do you expect per month?

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