Cookie Making Business

Cookie making business, a perfect home-based business idea for bakers

Cookie making business is for a passionate baker who wants to earn out of his passion and become an entrepreneur. This is a perfect home-based business opportunity for housewives, homemakers and stay-at-home moms. Delicious cookies are mouth watering and belong in the diet of all age groups. So innovative cookie recipes with different flavors, textures, ingredients and designs are going to win the hearts and palates of many cookie lovers.

Potential of cookie making business

Indian food market is flooded with different types of cookies and biscuits that are produced in large quantity, using automatic and semi-automatic machines. But people still prefer handmade, fresh and locally baked cookies that exude many local flavors. With the advent of e-commerce and social media, you can reach out to many cookie lovers throughout the county to sell out specially decorated eclectic flavor combinations.

How to prepare Cookies?

The cookie making process is very simple, but time consuming depending on the recipe and decorations. The making process includes buying ingredients, making the dough, rolling the dough, giving the shape, baking, cooling, cutting, decorating, testing and packing. Essential raw materials include flour, water, eggs, yeast, sugar, ghee, milk powder, salt, edible colors, flavors, extracts, nuts, chocolate, etc. Other ingredients required depend on the recipe and decorations.

Packing of cookies

Packaging is an important aspect of cookie business. You will need to take extra care to make sure the cookies don’t crumble or get exposed to outside air on transit. Careless packing can cause change in texture and bacteria growth, which can ruin your entire cookie making business. So cost efficient, eco-friendly packaging to protect the cookies against microorganisms, outside temperature and other environmental elements should be used.

Use decorated and beautiful boxes that are moisture proof for packing, which will attract children and elders alike. In fact, you would need some expert advice regarding packing of food materials that should withstand environmental conditions and long transit. For selling food products, it is statutory that you properly label all packets with the ingredients added, dietary considerations and nutritional values. So professionally design packets with brand name, logo, images, contact details, license details and other legal requisites.

Equipments and accessory requirement

Equipments and utensils required for cookie making include bowls, spoons, sheet trays, mixers, grinder, baking pans, microwave oven, cookie cutters, measuring devices, etc. Packing materials needed include food bags, food boxes, card boxes, gift baskets, aluminum foils, labeled packets, cello tape, poly gift films, etc.

Licenses required for starting a Cookie making business

In India, licenses and permits required for starting a Cookie making business include Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license, no objection certificate from pollution control board, health department trade license, local governing body trade license and GST registration. All these licenses and registrations are important as they ensure a hassle-free business atmosphere and future possibility of subsidized financial assistance from banks and government bodies.

Potential customers of a Cookie making business

Potential Cookie customers include households, tea shops, bakery, cafeterias, canteens, general stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, theater complexes, craft shows, food expos, local festivals, etc.

How to market your Cookie making business?

Select an attractive brand name to promote your business. First introduce your Cookie business to family, friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues by offering them gift packs and samples. They will give genuine feedback about your product quality. After collecting valuable suggestions and making appropriate corrections, you can target local food market. The above listed potential customers can be targeted using marketing materials like business cards, brochures and fliers with pictures of the cookies and free samples.

Online market for mouthwatering cookies is enormous, so digital advertising can be used to attract customers. Establish your web presence with an official website and social media pages. Digital marketing can be done through these mediums and advertisements can be given through search engines and social media for getting public awareness. You can also become a Cookie seller in e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy and Bigbasket.

How to fix price for your cookies?

Don’t guess a good price, but do thorough market research and fix a price. While calculating price, include raw material cost, baking expenses, packing expenses, marketing expenses, transportation costs and add 30-35% profit margin as well. Consult a tax practitioner and be advised about the GST rate of handmade cookies.

Investment required and earning potential

The start-up and operating costs involved in a home-based Cookie making business is approximately 75,000 INR. Earning potential of a Cookie making business is 30-35% profit margin from sales.

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