Biodegradable Products

Huge earning potential in biodegradable products business

More recently, the world has realized plastic has become one of the most harmful materials to our environment. Plastic waste is polluting our air, water and land. Governments, institutions and common people are, nowadays, increasingly aware of the harmful effects of plastic, and are embracing and promoting biodegradable products.

Biodegradable products are compostable products made out of plants and fibers that are naturally broken down by biological agents such as bacteria and fungi. They keep our Earth clean and free of toxins.

The market for biodegradable products is growing fast and there are numerous products currently being released in household and corporate sectors.

Some of the marketable biodegradable goods include biodegradable dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, glass and multipurpose cleaners, diapers, pet waste bags, trash bags, eating utensils, biodegradable pens, mechanical pencils, rulers, pencil cases, page protectors, project folders, biodegradable packaging materials, eco friendly clothing, footwear, reusable cups, stainless steel drink bottles, recycled toilet tissue, reusable organic cotton napkins, biodegradable waste bags, organic pillowcases, recycled paper, eco-friendly computer accessories, biodegradable garden pots, compostable party plates, compostable bowls, bamboo products, food service items, organic fertilizers, etc.

Customers for biodegradable products include corporate institutions, government institutions, academic institutions, hospitals, religious institutions, small businesses, homemakers and assorted customers who are nature-savvy. Online sales are also picking up big time.

You should do thorough market research on products and customer base in your area. Suppliers for these products can be found online and from local trade fairs.

By 2025, biodegradable products are expected to replace plastic items by 35%, which will open up a huge market in India as well as abroad. If you can tap into this market as a manufacturer or distributor or supplier or shop owner, you can earn lakhs or crores per year.

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