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Audiobook making; a home-based business opportunity

Audiobook making is the process of creating audio recordings of paperback or electronic books for listening. Audiobooks are becoming widely popular because of the convenience of listening rather than reading in a busy world. Since 80% of the published books do not have an audio copy, audiobook making is a lucrative business both in India and abroad. Talented people can start this as a home-based business, without hampering publishing rights.

What are audiobooks?

Audiobooks are voice recordings of the text of a book that can be listened using an audio player. They are regular audio files that can either be bought from book shops or downloaded from the internet. Audiobook files can be played using computer, tablets, smartphones, automobile audio systems, etc. The content of an audiobook may include the complete text of a book or a reduced version of the text.

How to get audiobooks?

Audiobooks can be purchased from book shops or downloaded from the internet. Some websites also provide streaming of audiobooks. Most of the audiobooks are available for purchase, but some in the public domain can be downloaded free of cost. Audiobooks are large files in the audio format of approximately 500 MB size. You can purchase audiobooks from websites like Amazon, Audible, iTunes, etc.

What are the steps involved in creating an audiobook?

Audiobook creation involves three main steps:

  1. Obtaining audio rights for a book
  2. Narrating the text of chosen book
  3. Monetizing the finished audiobook

Audio Rights: While creating an audiobook, there are some copyright formalities that you should abide to. You may need to contact authors or publishing companies to procure audio rights for already published books or ebooks before starting your work.

Narration: Narration is the most important aspect of audiobook creation. Narrator should read the text smoothly and clearly, conveying the meaning and emotions that he/she comes across. Effective narration incorporates lot of technical considerations too, which you should acquire with professional training.

Monetizing: Specific monetization strategies should be implemented for survival in the industry. Monetization primarily depends on how much attention you gain from potential customers. You can promote your aduiobooks online using digital marketing techniques and offline through retailers, publishers and distributors.

How to make an audiobook?

First of all, you should gain technical knowledge and experience in narration and editing or hire a talented narrator. Setup a quite room for your office to do recording, which can be a rented space or your home. Buy a computer, a good quality microphone and editing software to start production. After signing audio right consents from authors or publishers, get a copy of the book and start trial runs of narration and editing. Once you are confident with the task, start live recording.

How to find customers and sell your audiobooks?

You can find customers for your audiobooks both online and offline. Online sources for promotion and sales include Amazon, Audible, iTunes and For offline promotion and sales, you can contact book retailers, libraries and publishers. Learn the basics of digital marketing to establish a good online presence.

How can you generate revenue from audiobook making?

Revenue is generated in the form of royalty per title sold or a flat fee per title produced or a combination of the two.

How much investment is required to start an audiobook making business?

If you are planning to start as a home-based venture, a modest investment of 1 lakh rupees will suffice. Expensed incurred include cost of computer, microphone, backup UPS, furniture, audio right procurement and essential accessories. If you are renting out an office space, expenses will also include office furnishing, advance, rent, etc.

How much profit can audiobook making business generate?

Obviously, profits largely depend on your sales, i.e. the number of copies sold. Average earning per sale of audiobook is between 25 and 40 percent.

How to learn audiobook narration?

Lot of training programs are listed online, where you can get professional training on narration and editing. Check the following links for more details:

  1. ACX Master Class
  2. VOXpertise Educational
  3. Edge Studio
  4. Audio-book Creation Exchange

You can also purchase several books and articles covering the fundamentals of audiobook making from local bookstalls and online stores.

Audiobook making business process

  1. Get professional training in narration and editing
  2. Setup a comfortable office space
  3. Purchase necessary equipments and accessories
  4. Obtain audio rights for published books
  5. Do trial runs of narration and editing
  6. Start live recording and editing
  7. Estimate total cost and fix pricing of titles
  8. Do proper packing of recorded CDs
  9. Obtain GST registration and necessary business licenses
  10. Promote titles online and offline

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