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Children’s Art and Craft School, a profitable home based business opportunity

Children’s Art and Craft School is an inspiring venture for people who would like to spend quality time with children sharing artistic talents.

What you need to provide here is quality training and experience in a wide range of arts and crafts techniques, particularly focused on children.

It’s an extremely rewarding career both mentally and financially. From this venture, you can make money up to 3 lakhs per year as a startup. Moreover, you can spend quality time with children, mentoring them as well as sharpening your skills.

You can start an Art and Craft School at your home if you have enough space for children to play and move around, and accommodate enough art and craft accessories.

If you are a fine arts graduate or have a diploma in art, it would help in marketing. But if you don’t have those, don’t worry; your talent in arts and craft is more than enough to run this business. Even if you don’t have artistic talents, if you are interested in this business model, you can hire experienced artists to train your students.

In addition to classes, you can conduct art workshops and art festivals; sell art and craft accessories and books at your school, which will bring additional income for your startup.

You should plan a curriculum, select best suited age groups, review competition in your area and talk to people who are already in the business before starting. Classes can be conducted on holidays, weekends, after school and vacations.

You can build a website, make social networking pages and give advertisements in local newspapers for promotion.

If you are starting at your home, an investment as low as Rs. 100,000 is enough to open your school. You can also become a franchisee of a well known art school, which obviously requires huge investment.

Advantages of starting a Children’s Art and Craft School:

  • A very good and profitable home based business opportunity.
  • Can run the school as part-time or full-time
  • Can spend quality time mentoring children and improving your artistic and creative abilities
  • Can start school at your home with an investment as low as Rs. 100,000.
  • Future opportunity to take franchisee from well known art schools

Business process:

  • Gain enough knowledge and experience in children’s art and craft training
  • Choose your location (at your home or rented space)
  • Select best suited student age group as per you skills
  • Decide on class timings, frequency and duration
  • Plan a curriculum based on age group and class duration
  • Buy necessary infrastructure
  • Hire teachers if required
  • Apply for necessary licenses
  • Advertise on local newspapers and social media
  • Choose a name and inaugurate your school

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