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26 self-employment ideas to make money on weekends

People are always on the search for a side income that they can generate during their free time on weekdays or weekends. After their day job, people prefer some self-employment opportunities where they can have some fresh air and do some out-of-the-box activities. Here I am explaining 26 self-employment opportunities that you can try to make money on weekends.

1. Online review services

In this digital world, 90% of customers read online reviews before purchasing a product. Computers and handheld devices have empowered common man to access any information at their fingertips. You can review numerous products in the form of videos or text and post them on your Youtube Channel or blog. Revenue sources of an online review business are advertisements, sponsored content, and Affiliate marketing. Even brands pay reviewers as money or gifts according to their popularity and content quality. You can do this on weekends and earn passive income throughout the week.

2. Private tuition for students

If you are competent in a particular academic area, you can consider giving private tuition to students and make money on weekends. The beauty of this job is that you can earn as well as sharpen your knowledge base while teaching. Your earnings will depend on the hours of service and academic skills. The essential prerequisites of this job are excellent subject knowledge, communication skills, and interpersonal skills to mentor and motivate students.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a simple but very powerful method of expressing yourself and making money. The beauty of blogging is that you can do it according to your convenience; at any time and any location. The basic requirements are a computer, internet connection, and a blogging platform. You can select a topic of your passion and generate relevant content for your readers. You can write articles on weekends and generate income through advertisements, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.

4. Direct sales

Direct sales refer to selling products directly to customers without the involvement of middlemen. You can collect products from a direct sales outlet and sell them directly to end-users and make money on weekends. There won’t be any stockiest, distributors, or retailers involved in the business process. So the Independent Business Owner will be paid a retail commission, performance bonus, and yearly royalty. Since there is no boss to set sales targets, you can do this job on weekends or whenever you have free time. The capital requirement of this business is very small, and you can earn according to your monthly sales volume.

5. Consulting services

If you are well versed in a particular subject and have good working knowledge on the same, you can provide consulting services on weekends. You can charge your clients according to your subject knowledge and duration of time spent for consultation. The beauty of this job is that you can give appointments according to your convenience and utilize your free time to earn extra cash.

6. Art and craft making and sales

If you have artistic talents, you can create beautiful art pieces and sell them to people to make money on weekends. You can do your craftwork on weekends or spare time and market them online or offline. Art and craft buyers include common people, handicraft shops, interior design companies, art collectors, etc.

7. Content writing services

Creative minds with a good flair for writing can earn from freelance content writing. Freelance websites and job portals list thousands of content writing tasks, which you can bid to finish on weekends. You can also contact publishing companies and web designing firms for freelance writing jobs. Content writers are paid per word, depending on the complexity and length of the written article. Payment in India rages from Rs. 1 to 10 per written word.

8. Web designing

Web designing is a creative vocation that professionals can do on weekends. People with excellent designing and programming skills can design websites for local businesses, who hire freelancers due to affordability and familiarity. Freelance websites also list web designing tasks that you can bid to make money on weekends. Earning potential is high in this segment even as a part-time professional.

9. Astrology services

If you have a taste for Vedic Astrology, you can do a 2-3 year Astrology course and start giving Astrology services on weekends. Your depth of knowledge in the subject and spiritual traits decide your luck in this field. You can start this career as part-time as this does not require much physical work.

10. Online matrimony services

The digital boom has changed the way people search for partners. In the olden days, parents used to find partners for their children with the help of friends, neighbors, relatives, and local marriage consultants. Now people search in the online matrimony websites for a perfect partner. You can give online matrimony service using a website and make money on weekends. Your work mainly includes collecting bride/groom profiles, uploading them to your website, and making them visible to the public for review. Interested parties will pay a membership fee and download details from your website. With proper time management, you can run your matrimony business on weekends, and make a sizeable part-time income.

11. Digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to the science of promoting businesses or individuals among digital communities. A deep understanding of various digital marketing concepts and channels are required to start this profession. You can do digital marketing on weekends and earn part-time income. Online and offline businesses need talented digital marketing professionals to promote their brands through various digital platforms. You can contact them directly or bid work through online job portals. The remuneration of digital marketing professionals largely depends on the quality and quantity of business leads that they can generate.

12. Accounting and GST services

Commerce graduates can offer bookkeeping, accounting, and GST services and make money on weekends. Through the launch of one-nation, one-tax policy, more and more businesses are adhering to tax laws in India. Hence there is a lot of opportunity for commerce graduates on a full-time as well as part-time basis. You can contact local businesses and offer them accounting and tax services. They will be ready to accept freelancers due to the cost advantage over hiring a full-time professional. You can earn well through this profession on a part-time basis.

13. Used car/two-wheeler sales

Your passion for automobiles will help you earn a good weekend income. You can purchase some good quality used cars and two-wheelers and display them in your yard to make money by reselling them. Give advertisements on social media, local channels, and newspapers for potential buyers. You can also advise them to call you on weekends for detailed information regarding the vehicles. Earning potential is up to Rs. 7000 per used car and up to Rs. 3000 for used two-wheeler.

14. Financial services

Financial services that you can provide on weekends include Money Lending (online and offline), Financial Education, Financial Consulting, Investing in stoke or commodity, Chit Fund, Finance Blogging, and Gold Loan. Most people provide these services as full time, but it is possible to provide these services exclusively on weekends, with proper planning and execution of activities.

15. Audio book making and sales

Audiobook making is the process of creating audio recordings of paperback or electronic books for listening. Audiobooks are becoming widely popular because of the convenience of listening rather than reading in a busy world. You can make and sell Audiobooks on weekends at the comfort of your home, and sell them online or offline. Revenue source of Audiobooks is royalty per title sold or a flat fee per title produced or a combination of the two.

16. E book writing and sales

If you are a good writer, you can write E-books and sell them online. E-books are publications that are read using digital devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. Millions or E-books are sold around the globe each year, giving an immense opportunity for E-book entrepreneurs to succeed. You can write the content on weekends and list the E-book for sales in online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

17. Video blogging

Video blogging or vlogging is the process of creating useful videos on a particular topic and uploading them into an online platform to be seen and shared by the public later. Popular video blogging platforms include YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Video bloggers generate income through display ads, video ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored videos. You can do vlogging on spare time or weekends and earn passive income even while you sleep.

18. Weekend tour guide

Passionate travelers who want to start a business in the travel niche can organize short tour programs on weekends. Many travel enthusiasts conduct trekking trips, sightseeing trips, heritage walks, etc. on weekends and earn money out of their passion. You can find customers through social media, search engines, and local advertisements.

19. Abacus Training

You can conduct Abacus training for children and make money on weekends. Abacus classes are brain development programs for children that help them do mental math. You can give Abacus training at your home or rent an easily accessible office space. If you are inexperienced in Abacus training, you can become a franchisee and get support from renowned institutions. They will provide you all the know-how of this business, including faculty training, entrepreneurship training, software training, people skills, etc.

20. Online course creation

Lakhs of people enroll in short-term online courses to sharpen their knowledge and skills. The flexibility, convenience, and up-to-date nature of online studies attract people to virtual learning. If you are a subject-matter expert, you can think about creating an online course and making passive income online. The course materials can be documents or videos, which you can prepare on weekends. You can upload these documents into a server and make them available to students according to the course schedule. Students can pull them up and study according to their convenience.

21. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the process of displaying and selling the products of a supplier through an online platform, without keeping stock or doing shipping. The supplier will keep stock of the products and ship them directly to the customer upon placing an order. For starting this business, choose the products to dropship, find reliable suppliers, and display them in an online selling platform. Dropshipping gives the flexibility of running your business anywhere and anytime, so weekends can be used to earn extra income through this business.

22. Landscaping

Many people hire landscaping professionals to design and convert their yard into usable space for outdoor activities. If you have experience and passion for landscaping and gardening, you can provide these services on weekends and earn extra income. You can advertise your services through social media and traditional advertisement mediums like posters and flyers. You can also tie-up with builders and contractors for work.

23. Uber Eats Delivery Partner

If you want to diversify your income and make money on weekends, you can consider becoming an Uber Eats Delivery Partner. Uber Eats is a mobile application that allows people to order foods from their favorite restaurants. If you have a motorbike and a valid diver’s license, you can sign up in the Uber Eats Website to become a delivery partner. You can roam around your town on weekends, deliver food, and earn extra income through this venture.

24. Transcription services

Transcription is the process of listening to recorded audio files and creating corresponding text documents for legal, medical, or business purposes. After undergoing professional training in transcription, you can do this job on weekends to earn income. Physical requirements include a computer, internet connection, headphone, and software. You can find transcription work online, which you can bid according to your work schedule. Transcriptionists are paid according to the number of lines they produce per day.

25. Photography

Many ways to earn from photography include stock photography, location shoots, wedding photography, photography blog, portrait shooting, food photography, travel photography, photography workshops, etc. You can make money on weekends by doing any of these activities. Build a strong portfolio with a business website and social media presence to showcase your work and services. These will help increase your credibility and attract more clients.

26. Insurance Advisor

According to recent studies, the insurance sector of India is largely untapped with a penetration rate way below the global average. If you have a passion for building your own part-time business, you can consider becoming an insurance advisor. You can meet your prospects on weekends or free time and start building your business with zero investment.

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